The Green Room

The weekend and Bumbershoot updates are on their way; just hang tight. Meanwhile, if you're so disposed (OMG! You're, like, so disposed), I'd like to invite you to have another look at other fabulous website that has been occupying much of my time lately: I am an editor and contributor at Archie McPhee's Monkey Goggles. It's been a great week for MG — lots of a new readers, a nice Paul Constant writeup in the Slog — but even if the site were only being read by six people and the Slog crew thought us a bunch of paste-eaters, I'd still be having a swell time writing and editing stories like these:

The truth about Seattle's intersection cameras

Confessions of a former McDonald's employee

Ten novelty songs you need on your iPod (half of them are free!)

Monkey fun indeed. By the way, Archie McPhee's free item this month — available at the Wallingford store via this coupon — is a green bracelet that says "GREED." Can't help but feel that one.