Hi, I’m Geoff Carter. I’m a professional writer. Websites and magazines, mostly, but I also wrote for newspapers back when you still read them. Presently, I’m the Arts & Entertainment editor for Vegas Seven weekly, and the founding editor of DTLV, a website devoted to Las Vegas’ resurgent downtown core. My work also appears on Kirkus Reviews.com, on MSN.com, on the Seattle Times’ now defunct NWsource.com website, in Entrepreneur, in the Las Vegas Sun, in Microsoft Stories  … Oh yes indeedy, I have done stuff. Check it. Go on, check it.

Zombie Dance Party (67)

My email address is geoff.carter@thespellout.com. That’s where I receive business inquiries and such. You can also find me on the streets of downtown Vegas by using the enclosed photo.

By the way, the name of this blog was stolen from a September 1952 column by John Crosby, which you can read here. They sure talked funny back then.