Here’s the deal. You and I meet at a cafe, coffeehouse or bar, have a java or cocktail (you’re buying), and I take some natural-light photos of you, ultimately posting two photographs to this gallery: a stately portrait, and an “extra shot” that reveals your true self. Yeah. Chew on that one for a minute.

It’s kinda hard to tell in the above photo, but Heidi Kyser is having a lovely time at Sunrise Coffee. Let’s see how some of the others are doing.


Why, Pj Perez looks almost content! Either that’s The Beat’s coffee at work, or it speaks to the way I put my subject so completely at ease. Or, y’know, he’s thinking of something else. Won’t rule that out.


Staci Linklater and James Reza look thrilled. No two ways about it. I took this one after we had Sunday brunch at Bar + Bistro. And they paid.

Whaddya think? I’ll show you every photo as I shoot them, and you get veto power. When are we meeting up? Email me at geoff.carter@thespellout.com and set a dingdang cawfee date!