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What Kind of Man Gets Published in Playboy?

Many Glasses of Work

Ooh, I did! Twice! But only online, and in the “On Campus” section. I reviewed two bars: Seattle’s College Inn Pub, which I’m indifferent to, and Las Vegas’ Double Down Saloon, which I love enough to marry just as soon as them librul ‘merica-haters make it legal. Alas, the Double Down Review is lost, but I managed to sneak a PDF of the College Inn review before Playboy took it down. Here it is, mostly for my own benefit: On Campus: College Inn Pub

Sadly, you can’t click through the photo gallery to see the picture of Lorien that I suck in there. Yes, I put a picture of my girlfriend in Playboy. I have no shame.

Last Call for Seattle’s Last Call?

The Armistice
It’s called “The Armistice” — and I should be able to enjoy one in the wee small hours.

Attention, Social Drunkards of Seattle: I don’t give a shit if you vote one way or the other on I-1183, the Costco-sponsored legislation that would put hard liquor in grocery stores. (For the record, I’m against it for a number of reasons, many of which are detailed in the Stranger’s slate of endorsements. It’s simply a poorly written initiative.) However, I can get fully behind Seattle Council Resolution 31308, explained here in a recent email from the staff of Neumo’s.


Please write, email, or phone the Liquor Board and express your support for City of Seattle Council Resolution Number 31308, a resolution requesting that the Washington State Liquor Control Board amend State Administrative Rule WAC 314-11-070 and create a new section to allow local governments to petition the Board to change service areas within local jurisdictions.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has entered into the initial stage of rule making to revise WAC-314-11-070 During What Hours Can I Sell and Serve Liquor? The City of Seattle filed a petition with the board requesting a change to WAC-31411-070 to allow local governments to petition the board to establish extended service hours within their local jurisdictions.

The rule currently prohibits the sale or service of liquor between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Please forward your initial comments to the Liquor Control Board by mail, email, or fax by December 1st, 2011.

By Mail

Rules Coordinator
Liquor Control Board
PO Box 43080
Olympia WA 98504

By Email

Neumos and Moe Bar strongly recommend the WSLCB make extended hours of service possible. As busy and predominantly late-night Seattle businesses on Capitol Hill, we believe it would help many safety concerns night life is faced with. It would help eliminate the 2 a.m. push out, which is taxing on SPD, benefit cab service and increase street safety. In addition, it would have a positive impact on the city of Seattle from a tourism and general economic standpoint.

Thank you for you consideration!


Me again. I know you have reservations about 24-hour bars, but listen: I used to live next door to several of 24-hour establishments in Las Vegas, and there was no terrible fallout: children frolicked in their shadow, cops were able to deal with their problems without coming out in force, and God-fearing folk walked by them daily without incident. All this resolution will do is remove a pressure valve by putting an end to that last call push-out — which if you’ve ever been in Belltown around that time of night you know to be a jubilee of belligerence, irresponsible driving and projectile fluids. Let’s help Seattle to say goodbye to all that.

Free sips at Sound Spirits

Ebb + Flow

Last week I toured Sound Spirits, the first new distillery to open in Seattle since Prohibition. (It’s soon to have company; Sound Spirits owner Steven Stone mentioned that his distillery is only the first of five or six distilleries set to open in the next year. Most of them will be in Fremont.) The distillery, located at 1630 15th Ave W (that’s in Interbay, across the street from Whole Foods), offers free tours and free tastings, both of which are highly recommended.

My Sound Spirits tour began with a taste of Ebb + Flow vodka — smooth as Christina Hendricks — and it ended with a sip of the distillery’s amazing, soon-to-be-released gin. It’s like a science museum for social drinkers. Get in on the ground floor now by visiting Sound Spirits, taking your tour and complimentary sips (you are 21, right? ‘Cos they’ll check), and then perhaps purchase a $31 bottle of Ebb + Flow, which will more than pay for itself by producing “20 damn fine drinks.”

Here’s why I’m so excited about this: Recently, I took a craft distillery tour in Portland. In the course of two hours I learned a whole lot of fascinating facts about absinthe, vodka and gin, and I chased down those facts with delicious evidence. It was easily one of the best times I’ve had touring industrial facilities, and also one of my happiest happy hours. The very thought of Sound Spirits being the first stop on a Portland-style distillery tour makes me giddy.

I’d rather be at a Chinese restaurant in your city


There isn’t much I wouldn’t do to be at Chungee’s Drink ‘n Eat right about now. Their happy hour runs from 4 PM to 7 PM, but that’s not what I’m about right now (even though they’ve got some great drafts and cocktails, and they’re pouring ’em cheap). No, the object of my desire is the Americanized Chinese food served up at this cozy Capitol Hill enclave. I have been fixating on the savory, green onion-flavored Chungee Pancake — with its curry dipping sauce, lawdamercy — pretty much all day, to the point where I just went into the kitchen to lick an onion. The General Tso Chicken, kind of a house specialty, is also pretty good though I doubt I’d be hungry for it after eating three of those pancakes, which is about what it would take to save the primal lust I’m feeling right now.

Chungee’s has a nice outdoor patio and it’s just far enough away from the Pike/Pine corridor to send out the dumpster-baby crowd, but really, all I care about is the pancakes. Pancakes. Pancakes. Pancakes. Thank God the Stranger is offering a deal.

Enlighten meant for everyone

Enlighten, Ballard

Okay, I’ll do this. Originally I had no intention of telling you about Enlighten Cafe in Ballard, but I want them to do well, so I’ll just have to suck up my fears of this splendid cafe being invaded by Cupcake Royale-sized crowds. Until a few weeks ago an Asian home furnishings boutique, Enlighten is large and airy (oh, how often I’ve used those words and not meant them as sincerely as I do now) and shatteringly tranquil. Handsome teakwood furniture invites long stays, and the food — drawn from the kitchen of sister business Root Table — is above and beyond standard coffeehouse sandwiches. They have Chai and WiFi. And I’ve been practically living here these past couple of weeks, fearful for the day that you and your cohorts stand in front of the Sunset Tavern on Ballard Avenue, look directly across the way and ask each other, “Hey, is that a coffeehouse? How long has that been there?” The answer to that question is the same as the answer to “How long will Geoff have this place to himself?” Not very long at all.

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